A.Pablo St., Malinta, Valenzuela City
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A member of Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) 50x3 Schools’ Network

Valenzuela City School of Mathematics and Science

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Valenzuela City School of Mathematics and Science

Welcome to the Valenzuela City School of Mathematics and Science, where Valenzuela City nurtures its future.

The new campus of Valenzuela City School of Mathematics and Science in A. Pablo Street, Brgy. Malinta, Aug. 26, 2014. PHOTO BY MARK CAYABYAB/VALENZUELA CITY PIO

From the old science high school, having only 13 classroom and one science laboratory, the new Valenzuela City School of Mathematics and Science is equipped with 20 spacious classrooms which will only hold from 35 to 40 students per section.

This four-storey, 20-classroom edifice is envisioned to be the cradle of Philippine society’s future trailblazers. On its 7,200-square-meter floor they will take their first steps towards greatness.

This school has been built as a city government project under its Education 360-Degree Investment Program.

Premises and Facilities

VALMASCI provides students and teachers alike, the most comfortable learning environment. At a floor area of 63 square meters, each classroom can comfortably seat 40 students.

Chemistry Laboratory 

This 126-meter fully furnished Chem Lab consists of chemical resistant top or chemtop workstations with gas lines and faucets, and can individually seat up to 40 students.

It has a separate lecture room that has a mounted whiteboard for offline lectures, and an Interactive Smartboards or Whiteboards which are also installed in other specialty learning labs.

Since the safety and health of students are of paramount importance, the Chem Lab has built-in safety mechanisms installed: a Fume Hood Assembly with exhaust that will enable students to handle hazardous chemicals in a contained environment, a Safety Shower with eye wash station that can be used during accidental chemical spills and a well-stocked Wall Mounted First Aid Kit to immediately treat wounds of             students arising from experimental emergencies.

Collaborative Room

This is where students will do all their group work.

Take a look at that whiteboard. That is not your run-of-the-mill whiteboard; that is an interactive Smartboard that functions as an electronic whiteboard and a computer screen. No, you can’t use a marker on it. It comes with a stylus. Each of the six laboratories we saw at the first floor has Smartboards.

Computer Laboratory

The Computer Room holds 40 workstations allotted for students and one central workstation for the professor.

Installed with licensed Windows 7 Professional Operating System and with the latest Microsoft Office software package, the Intel i3 4 Gig workstations are powerful enough to withstand enormous graphics applications like Corel and Adobe Photoshop. These advanced creative softwares are to be covered in the students’ Computer classes.

Aside from the latest hardware specifications of the computer sets, all workstations have dedicated LAN ports, making this facility hard-wired for fastest internet connection experience.


VALMASCI students may do most of their reading on the Internet most of the time now, but nothing beats the pleasure of reading a good old book.

The VALMASCI library will provide the students a wide range of reading choices from scientific journals to literary classics. This library, exclusive for VALMASCI students, can definitely inspire young Valenzuelano scientists to see the world from different points of view.

Mathematics Laboratory

The Mathematics Laboratory is especially designed to be the finest training room in campus for sharpening and harnessing competent and achiever students who usually compete in national and international math quiz bowls, mathletes, math wizards, and math olympiads.

This Math lab can accommodate 40 persons.

Physics and Robotics Laboratory

The Physics and Robotics Laboratory is where students can drop apples to the ground and study Newton’s laws of gravity, put up planks and explore the ideas behind motion, force and energy, and discover surface tensions or the reason why it hurts a lot when you land on your back in the pool, and other cool stuff brought to us by Physics experiments.

The Physics and Robotics Laboratory has specifically designed chemtop workstations provided with electrical outlets while the double sink cabinets that carry the water lines have been separated and put away from the electric sockets to ensure safety of student. We do not want any students to be electrocuted while doing electric and physics-related experiments.

Like the state-of-the-art Chem and Bio Labs, this lab has carefully installed Safety Shower and Eye wash Station and Wall Mounted First Aid Box as safety mechanisms,                                                                                                   and the Interactive Smartboards for a conducive and engaging lectures and discussions.

Speech Laboratory

This is where students can effectively practice their diction, intonation, and speech while teachers can effectively facilitate and guide in the interactive learning of the English language.

The air-conditioned facility with individual speech stations can accommodate up to 35 students. The central language development equipment consists of a powerful Intel i3 and 4 gig memory CPU installed with specially designed speech lab control software.

It has state-of-the-art speaker system, complete with sound mixer, sound limiter, and power amplifier in case students and teachers may have difficulty in hearing each other.

The entire campus is also a WIFI zone, a vantage point of the finest learning facilities in this technological age. Building this “crown jewel” of the local educational system cost the city government Php 199M, which included site development, building construction, equipment and furniture.


To be admitted in ValMaSci, the applicant must be a resident of the city; must not have a grade in any subject lower than 85; and must pass the admission exam. The top two students of each graduating elementary batch are exempted from taking the exam.

The ValMaSci curriculum is composed largely of advanced science and mathematics subjects. Of the 13 subjects in every year level, four are science and mathematics subjects.



For someone who was born and raised in Valenzuela City, this is something truly remarkable, impressive and admirable. Thank you Valenzuela City government and Valenzuela taxpayers! Kudos to Mayor for all the initiatives.


OLD VALSCI 2003-2014

VCSHS Building

The VCSHS building is located at A. Marcelo Street, Dalandanan Valenzuela City. The building faces the beautiful sunrise every morning and houses the different venues for learning like the Computer laboratories, Science laboratory, Library, Filipino bureau, Mathematics Center, English Nook, Student Government Office and classrooms. The building houses also the administration offices such as the Office of the Principal, Registrar, Finance, Facilities and Faculty room.

Science Garden

The science garden is located near the canteen extension. The place is perfect for students who love to see beautiful ornamental plants growing across the pathway.

Nature Center

The Nature center is adjacent to the science garden. Observe how real animals like janitor fish and catfish stay together in an artificial habitat designed for them. Beautiful flowers surround the Nature center which allows other visitors like birds and butterflies to stay for a while.

Office of the School Principal

The office of the School Principal is located at the first floor of VCSHS building and adjacent to the school library. School Improvement Planning is usually discussed here through the leadership of the School Head.

Administrative Offices

This area houses the offices for the disbursing officer, records officer (registrar), facilities officer and science department head.

Faculty Room

The faculty room serves as a place for noblest people. The untiring educational workers and character stewards of ValSci stay here.

School Gazebo

The Gazebo is adjacent to the school garden and opposite to the administration building. The clinic is housed here and for some students, good place for relaxing and chatting with their friends.

Computer laboratory & I.C.T. room

Located at the second floor of the academic building, this place is for computer wizards of ValSci where the study of the mathematics and technology of computers and their applications are given meaning.

Science Laboratory

Room for science teachers where they teach science concepts or scientific work with the aid of science equipment. This is also the best place for experiments specially for testing research hypotheses in science research project.